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Young Constitutionalists

Constitution PartyComing to a college or university campus near you, in the spring semester of 2013

The mission of the Young Constitutionalists is to engage the youth of America with the principles of the Constitution and the cause of fighting for liberty and limited government as defined by the Constitution, and to provide constitutionally based leadership and training to prepare the next generation to fill roles at every level of government.

Because of a lack of adherence by our leaders to the Constitution, today’s youth is unimaginably burdened with government debt. It is they and the generations to come who will suffer decreased real income, increased taxes, and high unemployment if the debt issue is not addressed.

ron paul with youth

Ron Paul with Youth

Ron Paul has done a phenomenal job of engaging the young people of this nation with his message of liberty.

It is the intent of the Young Constitutionalists to tap into the energy that was created by the Ron Paul movement and to give young people the direction and tools they need to accomplish the task of saving their future.

It is the purpose of the Young Constitutionalists to become an official arm of the National Constitution Party.

Campus near you

Campus near you

We are targeting college aged young people who would like to be involved in establishing a Young Constitutionalists chapter at their college or university.

Mentors are also needed to work side by side with members to give guidance, support and continuity to the program.

If you would like to become involved with this exciting new organization, please contact:

Joshua Fauver at joshuafauver@yahoo.com or Randy Stufflebeam at RCS@CompuStuff.org

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