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October 2020 Update

We are very happy to report a new “Faith or Fiction” class has started!! It started during the 8-day October Chinese National holiday with 238 participants!  Please PRAY for our 7 leaders and those in their groups that these meeting times will be deep and edifying.  PRAY these participants will have teachable hearts as they learn who Jesus is and His love for them.

One of our leaders has a deaf husband and she reports that less than 1 percent of the 7 million Chinese deaf are Christians. Often ignored and oppressed, the deaf are some of the least evangelized people. With no Scripture in the local sign language, most deaf people have no access to the Gospel. But they are very open to learning Bible stories that have been translated into the Chinese sign language. This couple has made it their mission to serve the deaf in various orphanages and prisons forming small “Bible Story” groups.

They have diligently crafted Bible stories into the local sign language and created videos for the deaf. With the Chinese government monitoring what people are using on the internet PRAY for good internet connections so the deaf can see the Bible stories when shown. They relate a story about a deaf Muslim they encountered who had dreams about someone that would come and help him find the answers and meaning that were missing in his life. This couple was able to sign the gospel for him and he surrendered his life to Jesus! PRAY for the deaf gospel to continue to spread!

“This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.” Psalm 119:50

We have some great personal news!  Rolf’s urologist told him at his last checkup that his prostate cancer symptoms from 2 years ago have disappeared! He has no answer why, but Rolf told him that many people have been praying for him. We can’t tell you how blessed and grateful we are for God’s healing power. Rolf feels so good now that he is cancer free. We guess the Lord is not done with him yet!!! THANK YOU all for your prayers!!

With so much uncertainty with COVID, the violence on the streets of America, economic uncertainties and the upcoming election the only way we can be able to wade through this quicksand of fear is by cultivating a deep knowledge and love for the Word of God, and then in faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit living out the gospel and sharing it with others. We found this great little reminder of what is most important and what can bring us peace.                                                           

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