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Consensus or Conflict

“Consensus or conflict?” is a hard question to ask in the midst of a trade and technology war between the US and China. The Trump administration imposed a tariff of nearly 20% on most US imports from China and imposed the first-ever technology sanctions with extraterritorial reach, banning sales of semiconductors and the means of manufacturing them from third countries that employ substantial amounts of US technology.

The US persuaded the Dutch government to stop sales of advanced chip lithography equipment to China by ASML – the only manufacturer of extreme ultraviolet machines, which are required to make the most advanced chips.

With a bi-partisan political consensus hostile to China, the Biden Administration has shown no inclination to walk these measures back – although it did rescind one extraterritorial measure, namely the detention of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver.

It is hard to envision a significant change in the US stance during the next 12 months, when an increasingly unpopular Administration must pull out every stop to maintain its thin majority in Congress.

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Cold War conflict

The Indo-Pacific’s Cold War is heating up as the region splits ever more decisively into opposed camps with a loose alliance of US-led democratic powers on one side and authoritarian China and its aligned satellites on the other.

And the first economic salvos of the contest launched by Donald Trump’s trade war are becoming more militarily provocative under Joe Biden.

The escalating contest took a game-changing turn last week when the US and Britain announced they will provide Australia with the technology and capability to develop and deploy nuclear-powered submarines in a new trilateral security arrangement that will put more pressure on China’s contested claims in the South China Sea and other maritime theaters.

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