Ministry Strategy

Our work has no cultural, economical, racial, social or denominational boundaries. We identify and equip Chinese Christians in leadership positions with the tools they need to grow in their relationship with God, and encourage them to serve God at their place of work and at home in their communities.

Government, diplomatic, business, civic and social leaders influence an entire nation as they come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and become the salt and light in a strata of society often overlooked in mission activities of the past.

When China lifted some of their religious restrictions, Christians from all over the world rushed to take the Good News to that former “off limit” region. But the representatives and their methods there are far different than our past stereotypes. In China the norm is virtual offices, indigenous workers from a dozen agencies working together with briefings and strategic meetings often held in far removed places from the mission fields of harvest.

As International Ambassadors for Christ we come alongside this complex mishmash of people and organizations in order to carry the Good News to this previously out-of-reach area to serve and be actively involved in these cooperative church/mission networks.

Project priorities are to explore untouched areas in China through frequent mission trips and prayer walks. Challenge churches, ministry groups and individual Christians to participate in life changing mission trips. Invite, organize and accompany mission teams to establish evangelism and training centers in China. Establish and build relationships with local community leadership and influencers. Help the leadership in China to gain a better understanding and appreciation for Christianity.

Working legally and in cooperation with Chinese leaders at all levels to foster trust and understanding between believers and the secular authority that govern their nation. Build bridges and develop working relationships with the Church in China. Assist Chinese pastors and lay leaders with training tools to help their ministry.  Network, communicate and partner with like-minded ministries that serve China. Break through spiritual darkness and cultural barriers using evangelism activities.

Help with legal distribution of Bibles and Christian growth materials and literature. Conduct educational teaching & training seminars and business symposiums. Assist in developing and building local city men and women Bible discussion groups. Share personal testimonies and the gospel one-on-one with the leadership community.  Disciple and teach Chinese Christians to be effective witnesses for Christ in their community. Encourage Christians to give of their time, talents and treasures to serve the Body of Christ.

On the home front we work with churches, organizations, corporations and professional entities offering Christian services to a wide variety of daily events in people’s lives. With an attitude of love, compassion and empathy we seek to equip, protect, encourage and nurture the leadership to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives according to biblical principles in pursuit of Christ’s eternal objectives.

We impress upon people in leadership positions the necessity for teaching, modeling, living and promoting ethical, moral and spiritual values which will allow them to work peacefully together with everyone in their communities to help solve the problems of crime, gang activities, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, abortions, domestic difficulties, marriage problems and other classic dilemmas of today’s modern culture.

We also CO-labor very closely with local pastors serving in evangelism and missions through leadership training, networking, speaking at churches and retreats, to lay groups, corporations and professional organizations. We facilitate and teach Bible discussion groups and participate in teaching and training seminars and conferences in evangelism, prayer, and small group development and discipleship workshops. We attend and serve as lay leaders in a nondenominational Bible teaching church and are active in leadership positions on various ministry committees.

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements