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How Do You Reach China’s Neglected Harvest Fields?

Short Term: You have to be a Trailblazer…

Trailblazers go into specific cities with zero or minimal Christian presence to create a trail of “Good News.” The gospel “penetrates” the darkness in the countryside, while we are needed to “shine the light” in the least pioneered places–the cities.

Our mission focus in a city is to “discern” what God is doing, “discover” the obstacles and the opportunities for effective ministry, “share” the gospel and “disciple” new believers through “nurturing” small groups. We then share these results with local churches and community ministries, thus easing the way for those who follow. He charts the way, He lights the path, we blaze the trail.

Long Term:  Developing a Citywide Movement…

Explore untouched areas of China through frequent mission trips and prayer walks.
Invest five to ten years in multiple China cities where no one has heard of Jesus Christ.
Challenge churches, ministry groups and individuals to life-changing mission trips.
Establish and build relationships with local community leaders and influencers.
Break through spiritual darkness and cultural barriers using evangelism activities.
Develop and build local city men and women small groups and hosting outreach events.
Share personal testimonies and the gospel one-on-one with the leadership community.
Walk beside and teach new Chinese believers how to share their faith with others.
Disciple and teach influencers to be effective witnesses for Christ in their community.
Encourage others to give of their time, talents and treasures to serve the Body of Christ.
Mobilize a prayer network and events in cities through existing believers and local ministries.
Establish appropriate organizational and administrative tasks for citywide movements.
Assist with and accelerate the spread of the gospel to reach the leadership community.

Our passion is to unleash the Caleb spirit (Joshua 14:10-12 NIV) to reach the Chinese people, to use the “trailblazing” gifting that the Lord has bestowed upon us and to reach the leadership of the land He prepared us for at such time as this.

We are excited for God’s call to be “trailblazers” and “come over and help” (Acts 16:9-15 NIV), as well as for the “life changing” experience to look into the eyes of these “persecuted, least evangelized” people in the world, and “pray” with and for them.

In recent years there has been a lot of interest among mission groups and denominations to move toward “global” community ministry. That requires at times to leave our “comfort” zones and let go to “recapture” the missionary spirit (Romans 15:20-21 NIV) by working with the leadership in these “neglected harvest fields.”

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements