Office 610 Corruption

The former head of the anti-xi-jiao Office 610 who became Minister of Justice is investigated, and a top anti-cult police officer ends up in jail.

In August, it was Peng Bo. Peng had been the deputy director of the Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Handling of Xie Jiao Issues, i.e., one of the top bureaucrats involved in the repression of religious movements banned and included in the list of the xie jiao, a word the CCP itself translates into English as “evil cults,” but whose meaning is “heterodox teachings.”

Peng was accused of embezzling funds and engaging himself in “superstitious activities,” fired, expelled from the CCP, and arrested. Uncharacteristically, a press release approved by the Central Committee and summarizing the accusations against Peng was published.

Read more at “Former CCP Anti-Cult Bureaucrats Accused of Corruption”

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