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Not Red Enough

Students do not take ideological courses seriously. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection warns that this lack of enthusiasm cannot be tolerated.

President Xi Jinping was described as deeply concerned after reading a report by the all-powerful CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of September 5 on the ideological health of Chinese universities.

However, any Chinese undergraduate student might have told him what the Commission found after inspecting 31 colleges and universities throughout China. Students couldn’t care less for the mandatory courses about “Marxism or Xi Jinping Thought.” They regard them as a necessary evil, and try not to waste too much time on ideology, focusing instead on courses about medicine, business, or whatever else they are studying that they believe will help them after college in the competitive fight for a job. Nobody would dare skip or criticize the ideological courses. But taking a nap during them was never really forbidden.

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