September 2021 Update

Travel restrictions haven’t kept us from engaging in the work God is doing in China! Keeping in touch with our team we had to get creative at finding ways to fellowship through virtual meetings using digital media strategies. Our team has been capitalizing to engage the lost through information shared over social media. These strategies include texts, video calls, zoom and chat connections, all accessible over computers and smart phones.

The tools were there before the pandemic, but now openness to function and communicate digitally has increased because people were shut in. “We have to engage our digital natives” our team leader explained. “It’s something that is not going away, and we want to ride that wave. We have to be willing to contextualize ourselves in the way we reach our people with the good news.”

Team members then transition those digital contacts to in-person relationships. As exciting and effective as a digital strategy is, nothing can replace face-to-face relationships and gospel conversations. To that end, this strategy is a natural launching pad to real-life relationships not dependent on a media screen.

Starting in October, our team will begin opening a “virtual prayer room” on the third Tuesday of each month. A typical virtual event includes time for those gathered to hear from local believers and pray together. The flexibility of virtual events also makes it possible for team members to connect with and pray for each other which is an effective and important part of the local ministry.

One example of the mission team’s “digital strategy” was a social media page designed to start spiritual conversations that lead to gospel presentations. A young adult responded to the message that asked, “Who is Jesus?” A team member met with him first on Zoom to talk, and then met with him in person. They shared some tea and talked about who Jesus is and why His life is so important to humanity. As this young men pondered the gospel, he surrendered his life to Christ and has become a faithful local church member.

One of our leaders ask we pray for Joy who recently decided to follow Jesus. Pray that she will continue to grow in her walk with Christ, and that she will be bold to share her new faith with others in her community. Please pray also for our leaders as they take these new bold steps to reach more lives for Christ. “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” (Acts 4:29)

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