Li Guangman

The main CCP media reprinted a blog article claiming that Xi Jinping is preparing a second Cultural Revolution—this time against the rich.

China is full of leftist bloggers, who hail Chairman Mao and reminisce about the good old days of the Cultural Revolution with nostalgia. If they exaggerate, they are punished and prevented from posting. What is happening now, from August 29, is however, totally different.

On that date, Li Guangman published a post under the title “Everybody can feel that a profound change is taking place” (每个人都能感受到,一场深刻的变革正在进行!) on his WeChat blog page. Li put together different facts: the prosecution for tax evasion and other crimes of prominent Chinese millionaire entertainment celebrities; the regulations promulgated by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on August 27 against fan groups supporting celebrities; the crackdown by regulatory authorities on Jack Ma, the most famous billionaire of China, and his Alibaba group; the investigations launched against other large companies and super-rich citizens; new rules on rentals limiting the profits of real estate moguls; and Xi Jinping’s speeches about “common prosperity.”

Read more at “Li Guangman: How an Obscure Electric School Teacher Scared Millions of Chinese”

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