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Shouter Christians

Two members of the Christian network of the Shouters were sentenced to jail terms of three years by the Beijing Fangshan District People’s Court, according to a decision co-religionists have put at Bitter Winter’s disposal.

We reproduce the decision here, noting that court rulings of this kind are now rarely uploaded in China Judgments Online, China’s official database of court decisions and the largest legal data base in the world. This is a result of the “great purge” of China Judgments Online last June, when to celebrate in its own way the 100th anniversary of the CCP, the database decided to eliminate most cases likely to be used by critics abroad to prove that human rights and religious liberty are not respected in China.

The decision confirms that Article 300 continues to be applied to the movement, which was banned as a xie jiao in 1983.

Read more at “Shouter Christians in Beijing Sentenced to Three Years in Jail”

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