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Red Army Martyrs

Christians in China are forbidden to pray for their martyrs. Those killed by the CCP obviously cannot be commemorated, but even those martyred for their faith in Imperial China are not remembered, lest the devotees make unpleasant comparisons with later killings.

However, there are times when all Christians throughout China should mandatorily celebrate martyrs. At the Fujian Theological Seminary members of the local Three-Self Church were invited to celebrate the martyrs of what in China is called the “People’s War of Resistance Against the Japanese Aggression.” Jesus as King of Peace was also prayed for the “peaceful reunification” of China, with an eye on Taiwan.

It did not happen in Fujian only. In fact a directive was sent to all churches that are part of the government-controlled Protestant Three-Self Church, the only Protestant church with a legal existence in China, reading as follows: “To the Christian churches in each province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government.”

Read more at “Chinese Christians Compelled to Pray for the Martyrs—of the Red Army”

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