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Mongolia Part Two

The horrific extermination of Buddhist monks in Mongolia should be remembered and studied to understand other Communist attempts at eradicating religion.

Documents emerged in the last few years prove that Stalin considered the depopulated Mongolia a laboratory for social experiments to be repeated in case of success in Russia. Stalin experimented in Mongolia with the attempt to reach the utopian phase of Communism dreamed of by Karl Marx without passing through the intermediate phase of Socialism.

The attempt required—unfortunately for Mongolians—the physical suppression of members of social classes considered structurally incompatible with Communism. The richest nomads, a large part of the Muslim minority, many members of the Buryat ethnic minority, the nobles and an important portion of the Buddhist monks were shot.

The human cost of the experiment is estimated between 60,000 and 70,000 human lives, one tenth of the Mongolian population of the time. It would be like if in today’s Italy a regime decided to shoot six million people.

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