Create Abundance

Chinese Netizens and readers discovered that a spiritual movement was being attacked simultaneously as a xie jiao by a good dozen of Chinese media, with “victims” telling their horrific stories to national TV networks. When this happens, we now know that the ground is being prepared for a police crackdown and the de facto inclusion of the movement in the list of the xie jiao, “heterodox teachings” whose propagation is a crime punished with heavy jail sentences. Yet, in this case the story may be more complicated than usual.

The movement is now called Spiritual Growth (心灵成长) in China, but is known internationally as Create Abundance, and also operates in Canada as Golden Touch. Its founder, Zhang Xinyue, whose real name is Zhang Dali, was born on May 22, 1974, in Jilin city, Jilin Province. She explored several human potential movements active in China, most of them descending more or less directly from the now defunct American organization Lifespring, and by 1999 she had started developing her own coaching technique. In 2008, she founded Create Abundance, which offered workshops in several Chinese provinces.

Read more at “Create Abundance/Spiritual Growth: Xie Jiao or Spy Ring?”

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