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Human Rights

The Chinese President argues that “human rights,” “freedom,” and “democracy” are bourgeois, Western values a Marxist country like China will never accept.

One of the greatest mistakes of many Western media and politicians is that they do not read Xi Jinping in Chinese, that is, because his most important ideological writings are rarely translated into English by the CCP.

The CCP’s daily newspaper People’s Daily is publishing a very helpful series “Questions and Answers on the Study of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era.” The series is personally approved by Xi Jinping, and the answers are a digest of his writings and speeches.

On September 2, installment no. 34 of the series offered Xi Jinping’s answer to the question “Why should we take a clear stand against the so-called ‘universal values’ of the West?” Why, indeed?

Read more at “Xi Jinping Explains Why He Is Against Human Rights”

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US -China Tech Strategy

One of the hottest topics in the US foreign policy community is: Will China invade Taiwan? The answer is simple: No. China won’t need to invade Taiwan. China is playing a much more sophisticated, long-term game. 

Beijing does not need to incur the criticism, boycotts and sanctions that an invasion would doubtlessly trigger. But China’s long-term strategy to dominate the Western Pacific and, eventually, to emerge as the leading global power is very much on track.

As distinguished academic experts explain in “China’s Grand Strategy: A Roadmap To Global Power?” Beijing’s strategists do not think they need to fight major military battles; they believe their economic, financial and technological prowess will gradually overwhelm opponents.

Read more at “US needs a coherent tech strategy for China”

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