US China Stalemate

John Kerry flew to Tianjin for a video link with his Chinese counterpart, who remained secluded in Beijing due to fears of contracting Covid-19. Couldn’t Kerry have avoided the trip and instead made a zoom call?

Chinese officials used climate envoy John Kerry’s visit as occasion to snub cooperation and call on US to ”rectify wrongdoings.” Twelve years ago in autumn, the Year of the Ox according to the traditional Chinese horoscope and a year after the massive 2008 financial crisis, then-US president Barack Obama went to Beijing to propose a mega deal to China.

It was a pact about the environment that could include technology transfer from the US to China. The pact didn’t gain traction in China and was finally scuttled at the climate conference in Copenhagen that December.

Last week, again in the Year of the Ox, US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry went to Tianjin to broach the environmental issue with the Chinese. Kerry, secretary of state for Obama from 2013 to 2017, didn’t fare much better this time.

Read more at US, China stuck in a loop spinning out of control”

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