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Cultural Revolution 2.0

A widely circulated commentary carried on state media could herald what some see as an emerging Cultural Revolution 2.0.

An ideological split between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the country’s business and cultural elite has come to the fore after a hard-line commentary by a known Maoist supporter received official blessing in state media.

The widely distributed commentary, laden with Cold War jargon, calls for a “profound transformation” to make China strong enough to fight against the United States, a process some have dubbed Cultural Revolution 2.0.

Political commentators said the article resembled the way revolutionary leader Mao Zedong initiated the Cultural Revolution with his “big-character posters” in 1966.

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China Flexes Sea Power

A new Chinese legal requirement demands that multiple classes of foreign vessels traversing waters claimed by Beijing must provide detailed information to state authorities and take aboard Chinese pilots.

The new maritime law, which came into legal force on September 1, threatens to inflame South China Sea disputes pitting China and Southeast Asian nations and stoke already rising tensions with the United States in the contested waters.

On August 27, China’s Maritime Safety Administration said in a statement that five categories of foreign vessels, namely submersibles, nuclear-powered vessels, ships carrying radioactive materials, ships carrying bulk oil, chemicals, liquefied gas or other toxic substances, as well as vessels that may endanger China’s maritime traffic safety, fall under the law.

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