Wuhan Virus

The same Dr. Peter Embarek who led the WHO experts to Wuhan and dismissed the theory now says in a shocking interview that he has changed his mind. It was August 12, and the government-owned Danish television TV2 dropped a bomb whose shock-waves China immediately tried to stop.

Readers of Bitter Winter may remember our criticism of the Danish World Health Organization (WHO) chief expert Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, who led the ill-fated WHO expedition to Wuhan and announced to the world in a press conference that the WHO team believed that the origin in a Chinese laboratory of the COVID-19 virus was “extremely unlikely” because the CCP scientists told them so.

We treated Dr. Embarek harshly. In the interest of fairness, we are now applauding him for having admitted to his national TV audience that he was wrong, or rather accepted a diktat by the Chinese.

Read more at “Virus Originated in a Wuhan Laboratory, WHO Top Expert Admits”

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