Life Zen Temple

On April 28, 2021, starting at 1 a.m., Public Security and agents of the unit specialized in combating xie jiao started raiding the two communal settlements of Life Zen Temple (生命禅院, Life Chanyuan), located in remote areas of Tongzi county and Anlong county in Guizhou province. By 6:30 a.m., they had taken control of the two premises, where some 100 devotees from 13 different provinces lived. It was a classical raid against a “cult,” hailed by the police as a full success.

The agents gathered the Life Zen Temple members together, read them a statement that their movement had been banned, and proceeded to take all of them away from the communes to be “deprogrammed.” According to the officers, most of them resisted, and shouted that they preferred to die rather than leaving the community, but none of the devotees resorted to violence. After three months, according to Guizhou Public Security, most of the members have been deprogrammed and entrusted to the care of relatives. Their “reeducation” will continue at home.

Read more at “Life Zen Temple Banned as a Xie Jiao and Raided”

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