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Falun Gong Books

You find a nice book on the Internet. OK, you got there by cheating the Great Firewall that blocks certain websites in China, but so do millions of students and teachers who need to access foreign materials. You want to keep the book, and you download it, print the pages, and ask a friend who knows how to do it to bind them together.

All this is done at home. During the years, you print other texts from the same source, and keep them in a basement, sharing them just with a few friends. One day, the police knock at your door, and you find yourself arrested. You are sentenced to a five-year jail term. Finding the decision absurd, you file an appeal but the decision is confirmed.

Read more at “Download Falun Gong Books, Get Five Years in Jail”

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Anatomic Exhibitions

Real-life manikins of deceased human beings are exhibited throughout the world. They come from China and may be connected to organ harvesting.

Macabre, money making exhibitions parading the corpses of anonymous Chinese prisoners must stop, say UK Lords who have urged the government to call a halt to its complicity in China’s organ harvesting trade once and for all.

Horrified by evidence of the grim traffic in prisoners’ body parts, Lord Philip Hunt hopes his private member’s “Organ Tourism and Cadavers on Display Bill,” which has finally seen the light of day in the Lords, will close all remaining avenues for UK citizens to travel to countries such as China for organ transplantation and ban “the dreadful traveling circus of body exhibitions, which sources deceased bodies from China.”

Read more at “Stop Anatomic Exhibitions of Real Bodies of Chinese Prisoners”

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