Back to Socialism

“Socialism” is in, “Enrich yourselves” is out. Where did we hear this before? Chinese “capitalists” may learn some lessons from Bukharin.

“Common prosperity” (共同富裕) is the new big thing in China. There is, of course, a “Xi Jinping thought on common prosperity,” but then there is a Xi Jinping thought for almost everything, including toilets. There are seminars and courses about common prosperity everywhere, mandatory for state bureaucrats and Party members.

There is a whole province, Zhejiang, converted into a laboratory for common prosperity. There is also widespread fear in China that with common prosperity Xi is up to no good, and will take away from the Chinese some features of the comfortable life at least the rich have enjoyed since Deng Xiaoping.

And there is fear abroad that the value of some foreign investments in China will be affected.

Read more at “Xi Jinping’s “Common Prosperity”: Back to Socialism”

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