China’s Taliban Alliance

Afghanistan has become a launch pad for China’s accelerated propaganda offensive against the Uyghurs. Pakistan is also an important part of it.

Beijing’s crusade against its largely Muslim minorities, that has seen up to three million innocent people corralled into internment and forced labor over the past four years, co-opted a surprising ally: the Taliban.

The alliance was prepared during face-to-face pre-coup discussions in Beijing to discuss the way forward, assuming the inevitability of a Taliban overthrow.

Taliban pre-takeover promises that they would not breed terrorists who harm China, and would cooperate with repatriation demands of “troublesome” Uyghurs, have given the CCP another weapon in its arsenal in its so-called “War on Terror” that relies on the cooperation of its closest neighbors and the silence of Muslim nations.

Read more at “Afghanistan’s Taliban Regime Consolidates: What It Means for the Uyghurs”

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