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Xi’s Neo-Socialism

If the US wants to meet China’s challenge, it must recognize the real strengths of the equitable system Xi has put in place. China’s record may look appalling when seen through the lens of most Western media, and thus many foreigners expect a country in tatters on the brink of collapse.

Millions imprisoned in Xinjiang; Tibet in a state of siege; Hong Kong falling from its former glory with the best and brightest flying away for their freedom; and over a billion people under constant surveillance by an almighty and omniscient state monitoring every voice and facial expression through billions of spy devices of all shapes and forms.

To top it all, some kind of Red Catechism of President Xi Jinping’s thoughts is being pushed through all schools from elementary to universities more systematically than Mao’s Red Book during the Cultural Revolution, to preemptively cleanse the mind of any dangerous ideas.

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