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Illegal Religion

The new “Opinions” on how courts should work in the countryside calls for a crackdown on unauthorized religions.

On July 26, 2021, the Supreme People’s Court published the “Opinions on Providing Judicial Services and Protection for Accelerating the Modernization of Agriculture and Rural Areas.”

We offer a translation of this text, which is interesting as it shows the judicialization and strict control of the agricultural development campaigns in rural areas. Great care is recommended to prevent that under the pretext of rural development the leadership of the Party and the devotion to President Xi Jinping may be weakened.

There is a provision to protect the historical heritage in rural areas, but insofar as it is an expression of the “excellent Chinese culture,” which is a code word for the Chinese culture as interpreted by the CCP, and has often led to the destruction of religiously significant building as not “excellent.”

Even more interesting is that fighting illegal religions and xie jiao (religious movements banned as heterodox teachings) is seen as an integral part of rural development.

Read more at “Supreme Court Asks for Heavier Repression of Illegal Religion in Rural Areas”

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