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Thought on Toilets

Chinese like to joke that they should study “Xi Jinping’s thought” about pretty much everything. Of course, “Xi Jinping’s thought on the history of the CCP,” “Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law,” and “Xi Jinping’s thought on international relations” are mandatory study subjects for most Chinese. But there is hardly a field for which Xi Jinping has not formulated a new, “revolutionary” set of principles.

One foreigners may have missed is Xi Jinping’s thought on toilets. This may sound like a joke invented by poor Chinese oppressed by the pervasiveness of study courses whose initial words are “Xi Jinping’s thought on …,” but in fact President Xi has formulated nothing less than the principles for a “toilet revolution.” And Chinese are supposed to study them as well.

Read more at “Xi Jinping’s Thought on Toilets: It Was About Time”

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