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Beijing Eyes Tokyo

The brigade of Chinese athletes and other personnel, totaling 777, at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Games on July 23. Photo: Xinhua

The mission for Team China in Tokyo is perhaps not just beating rivals but also observing and possibly acquiring Japan’s playbook for how to let in foreigners and host a sporting pageant amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Any experience or lessons will surely be brought to bear as Beijing counts down to its Winter Games in less than 200 days. 

Apart from sending hundreds of athletes to the Olympics, China also dispatched sports and health officials and members of the Beijing 2022 Olympics organizing committee to Tokyo. Their job is to compare notes with their Japanese peers on policies and practices to prepare the Chinese government on how to open borders and manage risks.

The main aim of this operation is to ensure the virus will not spoil China’s showcase event or curtail the enjoyment for athletes and fans. 

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