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COVID-19 in China

A grass root movement believes ancient military men Huo Qubing and Xin Qiji can prevent the pandemic’s return. The CCP has not decided yet how to react.

On July 20, China reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases since January, and fear of the virus is becoming widespread again. Many Chinese, however, believe they found a solution to the problem. They called for help General Huo Qubing (霍去病) and General Xin Qiji (辛棄疾).

They are not generals of the People’s Liberation Army with special skills in controlling epidemics. General Huo Qubing lived in the second century BCE, during the Han Dynasty, for which he won decisive battles. General Xin Qiji was born in 1140 and died in 1207, serving the Song Dynasty in war, and finding the time to write beautiful poems. As it happened with other generals, both Huo and Xin were divinized after their death, and are worshiped as deities in folk religion.

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