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Karaoke in China

A karaoke place in Wuhan. “Just sing as you want”—but only if the CCP approves the song (credits).

The CCP issued regulations on the very popular form of “Karaoke” entertainment. It is also forbidden to sing that Taiwanese girls are sexy.

Netizens in China are poking fun at new regulations on karaoke (although their comments critical of the authorities are quickly cancelled). These are the “Regulations on the Management of Karaoke Music Content in Singing, Dance and Entertainment Places” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. As usual in China, a draft was posted to solicit comments, but genuinely critical comments are usually not considered.

Karaoke is a huge phenomenon in China. There are more than 50,000 venues offering karaoke, often opened 24/7. China boasts the record for the longest uninterrupted karaoke session (456 hours and more, i.e., 19 days). Even shopping malls have mini karaoke booths for those feeling the urge to perform.

Of course, such massive phenomenon could not escape regulation and censorship by the CCP. According to the draft regulations, it was the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party that ordered to crack down on inappropriate songs performed in karaoke venues.

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