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HK Doxxing Law

The Hong Kong government has decided to push forward with an amendment of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to criminalize doxxing acts on the internet with an extra-territorial effect after foreign IT firms raised their concerns.

Doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization. Facebook, Twitter and Google are among the major international tech companies that have collectively rung alarms about the ordnance and its potential impact on expression.

According to the draft of the Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) will serve a cessation notice where there is a disclosure of personal data without the data subject’s consent.

It adds that if the discloser has intent or was seen as reckless about causing any specified harm to the subject or any family member by the disclosure, and the data subject is a Hong Kong resident or is present in Hong Kong when the disclosure is made, it can act.

When any doxxing content is disclosed on an overseas social media platform, both the platform’s operator and the internet service provider in Hong Kong will receive the notice and be required to take cessation action within a designated time frame.

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