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Anti-Cult Movement

During the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the China “Anti-Xie-Jiao Association”, which coordinates the fight against the religious movements banned as xie jiao (“heterodox teachings” often but less correctly translated as “evil cults”) published a theoretical reflection on the role of the CCP within the world “anti-cult movement.”

According to a Marxist analysis, the study says, xie jiao (but throughout the article there is a constant reference to the Western category of “cults”) are “political cancers” that nobody will be able to “completely eliminate overnight.” The CCP has consciously assumed the mission of being “the vanguard of the anti-cult movement” on a global scale.  

Indeed, in no country in the world there is such a massive anti-cult organization, with all citizens mobilized to report on “cults” (and receive significant monetary rewards for this) and officers in charge of cracking down on “cults” in every village and in every block or grid.

And, while elsewhere (with the exception of France), “anti-cultism” is largely a private affair, in China it is managed by the Public Security, the CCP, and the regime, with a mammoth organization anti-cultists in the West can only dream of.

Read more at “The Vanguard of the Anti-Cult Movement”

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