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Urumqi Massacre of 2009

Peace turned to fury on the streets of Urumqi twelve years ago after protests over the killing of Uyghur factory workers in inner China fell on deaf ears. Later that evening merciless summary retaliatory justice was meted out by Chinese troops that mowed down hundreds of Uyghur civilians, as witnessed by Risalat, a Uyghur eyewitness, their bodies piled onto trucks and disappeared.

This week thousands of exiled Uyghurs gathered around the world to remember the dead and to pursue justice for their people, who are even now being herded into camps and sentenced extra-judicially to crippling prison terms. Their homeland groans under Orwellian surveillance and human rights abuses are de rigueur both inside and outside the camps.

The Uyghur Diaspora is growing increasingly impatient and despondent over the fate of its people who languish in internment or forced labor, while Beijing’s denial of its crimes against humanity gathers supporters around the world, wooed by its economic and political clout, and paralyzed by fear of sanctions by the superpower.

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