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Ramifications of Political Change

The Chinese people have reasons to celebrate the Party’s birthday. No one could have imagined how China transformed economically, technologically, militarily and strategically over the last 40 years. Under the leadership of the CPC, China astonished the world as it pulled 600 million out of poverty in 30 years.

Western politicians, media, academia, think-tanks, civil-society organizations and human-rights defenders have been accusing China of not kicking off political reforms in the same way it did on the economic front. The US accuses China of failing to introduce a so called “Western style democracy” that would ensure power transfer through periodic elections as in the United States.

However, China’s economic and technological advancement and military and strategic capability give it the wherewithal to retaliate appropriately against the US if it pressures China to establish a Western style democracy. The American call for China to establish a political system based on periodic elections every four or five years would harm the peace and stability of Asia and the world.

US strategists’ demands for democratic reform in China make them look either naive or extremely stupid, because they overlook the fact that China is a different civilization. The Chinese have a different perception of the function of the state than Westerners.

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