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Wuhan Lab Leak

Once widely dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the allegation that Covid 19 originated in a Chinese government laboratory in Wuhan is gaining renewed attention.

According to this theory, Chinese scientists at the “Wuhan Institute of Virology” (WIV) engineered the virus as part of a biological weapons program and the pandemic started when the virus escaped into the surrounding community.

On May 11, US immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci publicly suggested that the lab-leak theory is plausible, a shift from his 2020 opinion that the theory lacked credibility. On May 23, a report emerged that US intelligence concluded three staff members at the WIV had been sick with Covid 19 like symptoms in November 2019, a few weeks before the outbreak in China was publicized.

Most importantly, on May 26, US President Joe Biden announced he was ordering the US intelligence community to determine which of two competing explanations is more believable – the lab-leak theory or the “zoonotic” theory that the virus originated in nature and jumped from an animal to a human.

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