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Church Members Arrested

On June 15, the government in the northern province of Shanxi carried out a unified arrest operation targeting members of The Church of Almighty God (CAG). Up to June 26, 403 CAG members had been arrested, including 124 in Changzhi city, 83 in Lüliang city, 67 in Jinzhong city, 96 in Linfen city, and 33 in Datong city. According to a government insider, this arrest operation might last until the end of July.

One Office of State Security in Shanxi province issued a document about the maintenance of social order during the celebration of the CCP’s 100th anniversary. The document ordered to “put real efforts to strengthen surveillance over key personnel, and carry out severe crackdown on The Church of Almighty God” during the celebration days. The Church of Almighty God (CAG) is a Christian new religious movement. It is the most severely persecuted religious movement in China. Since April this year, the CCP has wantonly arrested CAG members throughout the country in the name of the maintenance of social order during the anniversary celebration.

From middle April to middle June, at least 265 CAG members were arrested by police in the central province of Henan. In Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, the authorities demanded all levels of governments in the province to ascertain the number of CAG members, cooperate with public security organs and related departments, use measures of household investigation, indoor “help and instruction,” mass report, and others, find out the actual situation and movements of local CAG members, and carry out crackdown, maintenance, control, and political work with targets.

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Hypersonic Missiles

“There is a Chinese saying, it takes 10 years to sharpen a sword. We have spent 60 years sharpening two swords and they are the best.” — Chinese researcher Han Guilai

Imagine a wind tunnel, capable of simulating flights at Mach 30 — that’s 23,000 mph, or, 30 times the speed of sound.

It may sound like science fiction, but in fact, China has built a hyper-sonic wind tunnel in Beijing which could put the superpower decades ahead of the West, according to a report in UK’s The Sun.

Researcher Han Guilai, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that together with another facility, also in Beijing, China will be about 20 to 30 years ahead of other powers.

Such futuristic aerospace technology could make it possible for super-fast jets to fly anywhere in the world in two hours or less.

It could also make space travel accessible to ordinary people as the hyper-sonic aircraft could cut costs by more than 90%, reports say.

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