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Crimes Against Catholics

A painting by Osamu Giovanni Micico remembering the martyrs in the Xiwanzi massacre.

Recently, there has been increasing opposition against the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by China in Chongli, due to the CCP’s atrocious crimes committed against humanity. However, little is known about the genocide China committed against Catholicism in the Chahar Region, where the main skiing competitions will be held.

The Chahar Region includes the Xuanhua Diocese and Chongli-Xiwanzi Diocese. During Qing Dynasty times, for centuries, they were under the administration of Commander-in-chief of Chahar (Chahar Dutong). In 1914, during the Republic of China time, the area became the “Chahar Special Administrative Region,” and in 1928, the “Chahar Province.” They were part of the Japan-supported Mengjiang (Mongolia United Autonomous Government) from 1939 to 1945. 

Catholic missionaries arrived in Xuanhua and Xiwanzi in 1688 and 1700. In 1723, the Manchu-Qing Emperor banned all Christian missions within China proper.  Missionaries moved out of the Outer Great Wall of Kalgan (Zhangjiakou), and settled in Xiwanzi village. The ban was lifted in 1858, because of the Treaty of Tientsin.

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