Whitewashing China

Something extraordinary is happening in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it began, all the world knew that it had originated in Wuhan, and that Chinese delays in telling the truth had been largely responsible for its horrible death toll. How it had started was unclear, but the possibility of an unintentional mistake in one of Wuhan’s laboratories studying viruses transmitted from bats to humans was seriously considered.

After more than one year, while all our countries have suffered thousands of deaths and damages to the economy it will take decades to overcome, we have almost forgotten that the virus came from Wuhan. China has been successful in selling to the world preposterous alternative theories placing the origins of the virus in the United States, Norway, or Italy.

As for the laboratory hypothesis, although regarded as a serious possibility by authoritative research centers such as the French National Center for Scientific Research, if you try to mention it you will be excluded from polite company as “conspirationist,” and your posts may even be cancelled by Facebook or Twitter.

Of course, this happened because there is a pro-China lobby that represents prominent business interests. The same businesses that have their main markets in China own newspapers, magazines, and TV networks. However, a report published this month by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), tells us that there is more.

Read  more at Whitewashing China: The Rise of “Belt and Road Journalism”

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