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Sarah’s Journey for Christ!

Life abounds with crises, disappointments, mundane routines, and some very joyful moments. Everything that happens has a cause. We often don’t take time to reflect on purposes, or we simply explain events away with simplistic explanations of either good or bad luck. Totally unaware of real causes behind life events, we easily move on to the next day, the next week, and the next year.

In a gentle way, Sarah Liu leads the reader on a walk through events from her childhood in China and shows the hand print of God on these vignettes of her life. As she reflects on what God accomplished through joys, crises, disappointments, and ordinary family life, she invites readers to reflect on their own life experiences to detect the hand of God. Her conviction that God selects and covers with grace regardless of man’s perceptions runs throughout her stories and provides encouragement and inspiring faith and trust.

These books provides encouragement for anyone praying for a loved one to come to God, but also provides rich inspiration for those with pressing questions about the meaning and purpose of life’s crises and disappointments. Parents, pastors, ministers, teachers, and leaders would be inspired by this devotional written from a genuine passion to explore God’s present action in life’s daily events.

Sarah’s “Thirty Day Devotional” trilogy takes you back to a rural, impoverished China and the rise of the Christian faith (Vol. I), through an explosion of the gospel and the high price Sarah paid for spreading that message (Vol. II), and now, to her covert escape from China, to her final destination in a free America to continue to tell her story to the world.

Sarah’s story, I confess, is not unique, in that it happens a thousand times over. Persecution in China did not end with Sarah’s escape, but Sarah’s escape lends another strong voice for the world to hear.

Grace be with you as you listen to her story and read Sarah’s trilogy.

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