My Presence

“The Lord replied, My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14


 You really want revival? It will ruin your schedule, your dignity, your image, and your reputation as a person who is well balanced. Men will weep throughout the congregation. Women will wail because of the travail of their own souls.

Young adults will cry like children at the magnitude of their sin. With the strength of My Presence, the worship team will cease playing. Time will seem to stand still.

You won’t be able to preach because of the emotions flooding your own soul. You’ll struggle to find words, but only find tears.

Even the most dignified and reserved among you will be broken and humbled as little children. The proud and self righteous will not be able to stand in My Presence.

The doubter and unbeliever will either run for fear or fall on their knees and worship Me. There can be no middle ground. The church will never be the same again.

Are you ready for revival?

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