August 2019 Update

Hope your summer is going well with times of fun and rest. We are enjoying some down time until Rolf will be returning to China the end of September. Our enjoyment was increased with some celebrating when Rolf got the news from the doctor that his prostate cancer index has come down from 51% to 37% and his PSA total from 9.79 to 0.943 ng/mL . The doctor told him to throw away the meds he was on for the last 2 years and he didn’t want to see him again for another year. He said it appears the cancer is very slow growing, adding not to worry for the time being, and go back to China and do God’s work! THANK YOU for your prayers!!

The good news continues back in China. We have the news that there are 216 participants that signed up for the new 12 week “Faith or Fiction” class which is a long way from when Rolf started this program 7 years ago with 6 students!! There are multiple classes that started July 15th with Rolf’s 6 leaders. They will be ending September 30th just about the time Rolf will be returning and new classes will be starting up. One of the goals on his return is for him and the leaders to find a 7th person to also lead. Please PRAY for protection for all involved that they can stay under the radar of the Chinese government and PRAY to find the one that will be that new leader.

“This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.” Colossians 1:6 New Living Translation.

Good things have been happening on the home front too. If we may brag about our family, our son Anthony has been promoted to “Nuclear Oversight Auditor” at the Exelon Braidwood Engineering Department. His new job will require traveling to various Nuclear sites around the country doing weekly plant inspections. Our grandson Sean graduated this past June from High School and has been accepted on the drumline in the “Cougar Marching Band” at Brigham Young University in Utah. Our granddaughter, Brittany graduated from Sauk Valley Community College also in June with her Associate Degree and will be continuing her education at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb IL. Granddaughter Michael and her husband James graduated in the spring with their BA and are taking a year off to save and take a dream trip to Europe before they go on to graduate school. Granddaughter Sydney and her husband Zaric and 2 little ones are temporarily living with our son here in IL. We are pleased to be able to see them and of course our great grandchildren now that they are close!! Grandson Trey is moving in management in the Wendy’s Corp. in Utah.

Life is good, God is great and we are blessed in many ways! One of our biggest blessings is having you on our team supporting us and being a part of our lives and in what God is doing in China!

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