May 2019 Update

A little heart pumping scare one day as Rolf was out shopping and he was stopped by the police asking for his ID! He didn’t have it with him. Fortunately they did let him come back to the police station the next day with his passport, visa and local registration papers. He was told he needed to carry them with him at all times and sent him off. Phew!! This turned out with no consequences but is a reminder that the Chinese government is on the watch for foreigners that might be there without proper papers and to be cautious and aware with what one is doing while there!! Please continue to PRAY for Rolf’s safety!

The “Faith or Fiction” classes continue to go well. His five leader’s classes will conclude the end of May. There were a total of 193 that participated and as of this date PRAISE 163 of them have surrendered their lives to Christ!! June is a busy graduation month for everyone so they will wait to start their next 12 week classes sometime in early July.

PRAY for these new believers, “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him,  rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6,7

His new leader has completed the training. She is now ready to start her class sometime in June in her neighborhood which is a 15,000 high rise community! She will start with just a small group in her home once a week. Her desire then is to build up to having small groups 5 times a week!! She has already invited 4 couples to her apartment and introduced the class to them to which Rolf and his head leader were invited. It was totally amazing. She started by playing her guitar and everyone softly singing. It was all in Chinese so of course Rolf couldn’t understand every word but he could feel the Spirit of God who was definitely there! As the evening concluded the leader prayed over all who gathered in her apartment and closed with another beautiful song.Then they shared some food goodies before everyone went home.

Please PRAY for wise decisions in who she chooses to join her classes, protection for them and that God would ready their hearts to meet Jesus and surrender their lives to Him.

Rolf’s “Faith or Fiction” class will be ending on June 26th which is 3 days before he comes home. He will give an update on that when the class has concluded. His regular classes will end June 20th and graduation will be on June 27th. PRAY all Rolf’s classes end well.

These three months went by quickly and we are so grateful and thankful for your love, support and prayers. We have said it many times before and will keep on saying it because we can never say it enough, we couldn’t do this without you, our team!! Thank you!

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