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China’s New Communist Bible

To stop the astronomical growth of Christianity in China, the Chinese government has devised a new plan – “rewrite the Bible” and force churches to sing “communist anthems.”

According to Rev. Bob Fu in his testimony to Congress, founder of China Aid, the Chinese government plans to incorporate Buddhist scripture and Confucian teachings into the Bible and edit worship songs to include Chinese characteristics.

The official government church and the Chinese Christian Council (China’s state-sanctioned Protestant bodies) have developed a five-year plan to make the Chinese Bible translation more Chinese by adding elements of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Communism.

The plan, finalized at a meeting this March, proposes “cultivating and implementing the socialist core values” and will be supervised by the national religious affairs bureau. “Every province, autonomous region and municipality’s TSPM and CCC seminaries and churches will cooperate with it,” according to Fu.

The Chinese government currently controls the ordination and training of the clergy members, but that has not stopped the growth of the illegal underground house church. The Chinese government controls the number of new members that are allowed to baptized per year. The government even controls how many Bibles are allowed to be printed and distributed per year, but none of this has stopped the amazing growth of the underground house church.

The underground church has grown in spite of the best efforts of the Communist Party to stomp it out. The growth of the underground house church has been documented in the book “The Underground Church”  which takes you on an underground journey to understand the inner workings of the church in China.

Much of the confusion is caused by the Chinese government, which deceives journalist and foreign missionaries with promises of religious freedom that are never kept. The truth is, the house churches of China are growing at a phenomenal rate. Never in the history of the world have so many people in such a short time left one belief system for another without a hostile revolution. Lives in China are being transformed daily by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the display of His miraculous power and the astonishing growth has as many as 20,000 are coming to faith every day.

After years of failing to stop the growth of Christianity, the government has finally decided to dilute it and change to the nature of the teachings that it does not agree with.

Here is a testimony of Mai Fu Ren whose life was changed by the Bible when it was illegal in China to have one. He later devoted his life to sharing it with the rest of his country at a time when it would and did cost him his freedom for over 30 years.

China Trying to ‘Rewrite the Bible,’ Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems

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