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October 2018 Update

It’s not easy to be a Christian in China these days. Thankfully with having Skype on Rolf’s phone he has been able to stay in weekly contact with his Group Leaders in China offering leadership, encouragement and motivation to keep on pressing forward until his return next spring semester…God willing.

Despite daily opposition and limited Biblical resources, believers continue to grow deeper in their faith and they thirst to learn truth from the Scripture. Many are coming to Christ and they desperately need encouragement and discipleship to grow in their newfound faith. Rolf’s leaders are taking on the much-needed role to shepherd small groups of Faith and Fiction participants. They do this at an enormous sacrifice to themselves and their families. Most have full-time jobs and are doing this in their “free” time. They are overworked and struggle to keep up with their demanding schedules. But they are dedicated to serve the Lord and determine to do whatever it takes to advance His Kingdom in China.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?” Romans 8:35.

Rolf’s group leader reported that Bibles are becoming more and more scarce at Church and they have begun putting “Bibles on USB Drives” and giving them to “Faith or Fiction” curriculum participants as a gift at the end of the twelve week study. PRAY that each of these life-changing USB drives will find their way to many others who are searching for the truth, and that they would be gripped and convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit as they read and study the Scriptures.

Rolf’s infection seems to have been cleared up but now he has been diagnosed with slow growing prostate cancer. He is currently on medication to shrink the prostate. He is also under active surveillance closely monitoring the cancer through regular office visits, repeat PSA testing and prostate biopsy. As the cancer progresses there are several alternative treatment options including chemotherapy, ionizing radiation, hormone therapy or surgery. Based on his urologist’s recommendation he postponed going back to China at this time, hopefully at least only until spring, until the cancer situation is under control. Please PRAY for healing.

The biggest challenge with Sherri’s cancer treatment has been the medication she is supposed to be taking now for the next 5 years. It has caused muscle aches so severe she can hardly walk. And by the end of the day she has been so exhausted and tired. The doctor has changed the medication and so far everything seems to be going fine……of course she has only been on the new medicine for a couple of days. Please PRAY there will be no side effects or wisdom of next steps if there need to be.

With gratitude and thanksgiving for all you prayers, care and concern and In His Love.

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