June 2018 Update

It has been a while since you have heard from us. We were waiting thinking we would finally have some news, like a date, about our moving……or even that we would be telling you we have moved into our apartment already. But no – there is still no move-in date! Now we are being told maybe mid/end of July. So our frustration continues and some concerns.

Meanwhile we have a closing date for selling our townhouse on July 2nd. Pushing for a later date would mean a higher percentage rate on our buyer’s mortgage so they have been so very gracious to agree to rent back to us. These people are truly saints in their waiting with us for now more than a year!

As we wait Sherri is positive God sent an angel in a co-worker and now friend from church that has a wonderful gift of organization. She is amazing in helping with the sorting, purging and packing, not always an easy task. Stuff is stuff but some has a lot of memories attached and there is a little grieving that happens as it is discarded, given away or donated. We are grateful also to our son and daughter-in-law for moving out a lot of furniture that we will no longer be able to use.  So the house is looking pretty empty….

God’s goodness is very evident in all of this with patient buyers, all the help we have, and with all your prayers and encouragement.  Seeing past the frustration and tension, we can see we are truly blessed. “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him”. Nahum 1:7

To add a little more excitement to the mix Sherri’s annual routine mammogram revealed breast cancer. She was told if “one has to have breast cancer this is the kind they like to see”. She has had surgery and praise God the lump was contained and the lymph nodes removed showed no cancer! After being released from same day surgery and sent home she gave Rolf quite a scare when her blood pressure tanked and she passed out not once but twice! With the help of a neighbor they got her on the bed and called 911 and she ended up spending the night in the hospital for observation. It was determined that it probably was caused by the anesthesia, dehydration and/or not having had eaten. But she is ok now and waiting for the follow up appointment to see what the next steps in her cancer treatment will be.

Praises continue from China! Another new 12-week session has started with 135 new students to take the “Faith or Fiction” class! Rolf’s leaders are missing him though and he them. He is anxious to be able to get back to train more leaders and help keep them on track.

Please continue to PRAY for the timing of our move. There is much more involved than just us! PRAY that the timing of the sale of our buyer’s house works out with our being able to rent back to them until we have a place to live! Remember to keep PRAYING for the apartment we want 314! Rolf has also had some health issues so please PRAY tests come back clear.

There just aren’t the right words to tell you how much we appreciate you and your love, support and prayers especially in this time of challenge for us. THANK YOU.

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