April 2018 Update

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8.

Hallelujah praise God, happy dance and thank you for all your prayers!!!! A few weeks ago we finally got the approval for an apartment!!!. So we have that part over and now we are in the next phase of the “waiting game” and that is when the building will be completed. We are being told maybe end of May beginning of June. We soon will need something a little more specific because we have a granddaughter getting married in June in Utah and we need to make some travel plans.

We did get an “unauthorized” tour of the apartment building – don’t ask what that means and how it happened!! It was very sobering to see how small the apartments actually are but extremely helpful to know how to prepare our move. In spite of the small size they look lovely and we look forward to when we can finally move in. As a result of our “tour” we also know which apartment we would like so we ask please PRAY we are able to get number 314 and for the timing of the completion of the building.

More praises from China! Rolf asked for the leaders to give us an update on their classes. Here is the exciting news we learned:

From one of the leaders, her overall report is of the 149 people who signed up for the 12 week class in February 52 had already surrendered their lives to Christ by week 10! Some have already begun to spread the word to recruit others foo the next Faith or Fiction class starting up in mid May.

From the new leader who teaches a worldview class to Chinese 10th graders she is planning on using the Faith or Fiction curriculum in a private setting with selective students before the end of the second semester in June and she will let us know how they responded.

The leader that teaches in a church setting reported that many participants after watching the video and discussing the lesson were deeply touched that they were prayed for by name before and after the sessions by the leader. She teaches several Sunday classes in church and says people are hungry to learn the truth. Now she says we have tools to help spread this truth to others to combat the destructive communism culture.

Our businesswomen leader reported that a businessman said: ”I was a confused college student. Now as a businessman I had the privilege of attending a Faith or Fiction class and was instructed, inspired and convicted. This presentation has been immeasurable helpful to me, both in my work and my beliefs”

Please PRAY for protection for our leaders and their students and for many more lives to be changed.. PRAY in their enthusiasm for reaching others for Christ that they are cautious and wise in what and how they proceed.

“For the Lord is good and is love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5.

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements

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