October 2017 Update

“But God has surely listened and has heard my (our) prayer.” Psalm 66:19.

It has been a long and challenging few months but God has answered prayers! The outcome is even better than expected. Five weeks after Rolf’’s hernia surgery and needing to have a catheter and with a persistent bladder infection he was able to finally have the Uro-Dynamics test to hopefully determine what was going on. Meanwhile they took the catheter out, showed him how to self-catheterize and sent him home. A week later he was to come in for the results.

But now the best news is after using the self catheter one time it has not been needed again!! The report showed he had some thickening of the bladder walls and the doctor was not quite sure why he no longer needed the catheter. He has an appointment to go back in two months to see how he is doing and to re-evaluate if any further steps need to be taken. Answered prayer, PRAISE God!!! Thank you for Your prayers! Please continue to PRAY for no re-occurrence.

We have received an update on the apartment situation – the completion date has now been moved to sometime in April and the applications should be sent out in December. Rolf was planning on being back in China during this time……so we need to trust God’s timing is best and for a reason.

Rolf has recently talked to one of his leaders and she was excited to tell him that she has started another “Faith or Fiction” class of 11 in the church along with her class of 9. Everything is going well with her and the other leaders. They are very much appreciative of all the prayers for them from all of you. Please keep them in prayer for protection. They are on fire for Jesus which is wonderful but they need to be bold and cautious at the same time!

All the care and concerns and prayers have meant a lot to both of us. Thank you for all your calls, cards and emails. They have been most appreciated and uplifting during a challenging time. We love you, our team!!

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