August 2017 Update

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

The date was set, reservations were made and the ticket was paid for but then plans needed to be changed. That means Rolf will not be returning to China now until spring. A number of factors played into this and we know God’s hand has been directing this starting even before Rolf left to come home when his new leader wanted to lead a “Faith or Fiction” class this summer.

A couple of weeks ago John, the owner of the school called to tell Rolf he was expecting him back but at that time he only had 5 students signed up for Rolf’s school classes. Usually he has 50 or more students.  Rolf has been madly cleaning, purging and shredding out his office in preparation for our upcoming move and was finding there was no way he could be finished by the time he was supposed to leave. He called John back and they agreed it would be best for Rolf to stay home and take care of this move and then come back in the spring. Oh! and he was able to get almost a full refund on his non-refundable airline ticket!  So the purging and shredding and cleaning out continues.

Meanwhile back in China, we are thrilled to report our new leader Anna is in the midst of her own “Faith or Fiction” class with 14 students. Even though she is teaching this class in the church they are non-believers. Yes there are people in China that find themselves in the church but do not have or do not know yet how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. PRAY for them and we will keep you updated. PRAY also for our other leaders that they will be able to get some classes going while Rolf is gone.

A sweet story we would like to pass on to you – One of our leaders, Lisa very sadly told Rolf that her grandfather was dying. She wanted to go to see him but didn’t know if she should. – a not so easy 8 hour train ride away. This is a grandfather that raised her and was closer to her than her own parents. Rolf encouraged her to have no regrets she needed to go which she did. She did get there just before he died and she posted the beautiful picture below of their hands entwined.  PRAISE she made it in time and PRAY for her as she grieves her loss.

Well team we still need your support and we still need your prayers. This moving thing is stressful especially without yet the certainty that we have an apartment secured. We are watching it as it is being built and the completion is still on track for Feb/Mar which means we won’t even get the application before November! Once this is over we are looking forward to being freed up from the financial concerns of home ownership and the control stuff can have over us.

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2                                                                        


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