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March 2017 Update

After a 14 hour flight and long evening wait in Beijing for his next flight Rolf finally arrived at midnight in Dalian, tired but safe. His wait in Beijing was made a little more enjoyable with Michael, a former student there to greet him with his wife and daughter and also to help him and his luggage get over to the faraway terminal for his plane to Dalian. It took the first week back to get acclimated to time and schedule but he is back and going strong.

He has a full teaching schedule this semester. On Monday through Thursday he has 4 afternoon classes teaching primarily young adults going for their English certification to obtain their MBA’s and PhD’s. Then on Tuesday and Thursday evenings he also has 2 adult business classes. When he is not teaching and preparing for his classes he spends a lot of time socializing and establishing relationships with the students usually over a meal.

“Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples”  I Chronicles16:23,24.

The “Faith or Fiction” class has already started with 18 students. Eight of the students are from his regular classes and 10 were recruited by his 2 leaders. His one leader that last semester was under house arrest for a few weeks is now back. She and Rolf had a long talk about the need for caution and the possible consequences not only for her, but for Rolf and the school if she is not more careful. PRAY for continued protection for him and his students and that God’s Word will continue to go forth and change lives.

On the home front: God is definitely working in our moving situation! Before Rolf left a couple put letters in mailboxes in our townhouse complex looking for those that might be interested in selling. Rolf contacted them and they are more than interested in buying ours! We love the couple, they would fit in perfectly with our friends, our neighbors here. Please keep PRAYING for where we will go. We are really counting on getting into the affordable senior apartments that are being built nearby. We are trusting God has that worked out for us also but PRAY we are doing our part to make it happen.

We get asked a lot when is Rolf going to stop going to China?  How can we stop when we see so many lives changed and coming to Christ!!  As long as God keeps that door open we will be there! It is such a privilege to get to do this and we hope you feel as privileged to be a part of this because without you on this team we couldn’t do it.

Thank you for partnering with us!

My home church in China.

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