October 2016 Update

Rolf is back in China and back to work. He left here on September 30th for Beijing to spend the night to visit a former student and his wife and their baby. He was Rolf’s class monitor at one of the universities he was teaching at some years ago and through Rolf he accepted Christ. After graduation he started his own business. He today is a successful businessman, a wonderful family man and he and his family are still walking with the Lord. Thank you Lord for allowing us all to be a part of this story!

Before Rolf left we made a trip to Michigan to surprise some longtime friends at their open house to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and their 45 year anniversary with CRU (Campus Crusade)! When we were on staff with CRU and we were raising our support we very much appreciated him and his help as our support coach. Sherri has a high school friend that lives nearby and we were able to spend the weekend with them enjoying their warm and wonderful hospitality. It was the last weekend before Rolf left and it was a pleasant getaway to enjoy together and with friends.

Rolf has a full schedule with his business and finance classes. He teaches Monday through Thursday from 2pm – 4pm and 7pm – 9pm. He has 12 returning students and 47 new students for a total of 59.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others”. II Timothy 2:2.

The most exciting news is what is going on with his new “Faith or Fiction” class that started up the Saturday after he arrived! Two of the ladies that went through his first class have become devoted Christ followers and valuable helpers to Rolf. They have carefully recruited these new people for this class – 21 in all!! Four of the students are from last semester that had wanted to join. The others are their neighbors and from the church.

The 12 week class is on Saturdays from 9am – Noon in a classroom that he is able to use in the school. Rolf leads off with the video presentation and then they break into 3 groups for discussion and prayer, one led by him and the other two by the two ladies. He then brings the class back together to wrap it up.

“So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.” Acts 16:5
This is a great opportunity to train them and for them to be able to take over some day in the future when Rolf is no longer there. They are very capable and have a great heart for the Lord to reach out. They already have plans to take a modified version of this program into the church.

PRAY for a good harvest!! And please PRAY for protection for Rolf, the students and for the owner of the school.

Thank you for being on this exciting adventure with us and being a part of what God has done and will be doing!

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