August 2016 Update

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. It seemed to fly by but then we spent these last two months visiting doctors or recovering. With his back issues Rolf did not get the answer he was hoping for. He has a degenerative condition so it won’t get better. At the doctor’s recommendation he is doing physical therapy to hopefully keep the pain at bay. He has been given exercises that he should continue to do to help. PRAY the physical therapy gives him relief from the pain and for a long time to come!

Sherri’s eyelid surgery went very well, but the no bending, lifting or anything strenuous for what turned out to be doctor’s orders for 3 weeks not 2 which were on the original instructions, was hard especially when one feels perfectly fine. Sherri never realized how many times things get dropped or get knocked to the floor until she couldn’t bend down to pick them up! Rolf was a great help with chores and picking things up after her! At first it was really nice to not have to rush and to have long devotional times and to read but for someone who is used to being very active it became a little hard to do. Thank goodness after the stitches were out a week later the doctor told her she could at least resume walking her 3 miles again.

Rolf should be heading back to China at the end of September. The owner of the school he works for was not very happy about that. School starts the beginning of September and he wanted him back for that. With Rolf having to leave the country every 90 days to get his visa stamped it causes some inconveniences. Leaving here earlier would mean at the end of November he would have the expense and have to take a day off to fly somewhere near just to have his visa stamped. By waiting until the end of September he would leave and then come home end of December for the winter semester break. We know this causes difficulties for the owner of the school as he has to find someone to come in and cover the classes until Rolf gets there. Please PRAY this does not cause a rift between the two of them.

“We have not because we ask not”…. Prices keep going up and our support has not. As a result we are experiencing a shortage to meet our expenses. God has always been faithful with providing what we need when we need it and many times not to soon but never too late. We are praying and continue to trust He will also now provide. For Him to work we know there are times when we have to make our needs known. So we come before you with our request and ask for your help whether that be financially and/or with your prayers. We love you and are very grateful for having you on this journey with us.

“And my God will meet all your (ours and yours) needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

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