July 2016 Update

Except for a little delay in taking off and landing Rolf arrived home safe and without incident and after a couple of weeks he is pretty much back on American time. Now it is about all the doctor visits.

Before he left in January there were some health concerns that needed to be followed up.  He had 2 doctor appointments scheduled for his return and they are multiplying as he sees one doctor he gets referred to another.  Please PRAY for answers and healing. This aging process certainly requires a lot more maintenance and care!!  But we do PRAISE God, for the age we are, we are in generally good health and that we can still do all the things we do!

Sherri, not to be left out, on the 21st of this month she will be having an eyelid repair surgery – another result of the aging changes! As we age things drop, droop and sag even eyelids! The left lower eyelid has turned outward and no longer touches the eye which can cause the eye to eventually become damaged.  Hopefully this surgery will also help relieve some of the dry eye she experiences.  The aftercare instructions read, “Be sure to avoid bending, lifting, straining, or strenuous exertion for two weeks following eyelid surgery”.  PRAY for a successful surgery and for after especially when she will have to be as she calls it “a slug” for 2 weeks!

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm46:10.

But be a slug – she has decided not! She may not be able to be physically active and so she has decided God has given her this as a special time to spend with Him, be still, listen and just “be” (as opposed “to do”). PRAY this would be a rich time of nourishment, renewal and restoration with the Lord.

Great news for PRAISE– before Rolf left China Julian made a decision to follow Christ!  Thanks for your prayers! Continue to PRAY for Mark.  He finished up the class and continues to go to church but he is still holding back from making a commitment to Jesus.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will become my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts1:8.

A former student, Jennifer has become a devoted follower of Christ with a huge heart for the lost and discipline the newly found.  While Rolf is gone she is keeping in touch with Mark and many of the new believers.

With the bad news of threats, terrorism and senseless shootings going on all around us thank you for being a voice with us in China bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ and letting them know the final victory has already been won!!  Hallelujah!!


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