January 2016 Update

Rolf arrived home safely but very tired on a cold, snowy, icy December 29th! Sherri was very grateful for her friend, Denise who drove her to the airport to pick him up! Rolf left Dalian and flew to Beijing and had lunch with a former student before finding out his connection to Chicago would be departing 2 hours late! Once he finally arrived in Chicago they sat on the runway for over an hour waiting for a gate. Next was the wait in line to go through customs. He has security clearance but the scanner could not read his fingerprint. He was told probably because he had sat on the runway too long and his fingertips became too dry! After being up for 24 hours he was so ready to be out of that airport and home! Denise and I were, too. We had sat in the cell phone parking lot for over 2 hours waiting!

After spending some time with family and friends catching up and enjoying some holiday time together New Year’s Day we got the sad news that Sherri’s brother, Art had passed away. He had battled with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma for many years and in fact was declared in remission last February. But this past July it reoccurred only this time very aggressively and this time treatments did not work.

As Debbie, his wife and we grieve he will also be missed by many. He was an accomplished musician; music was his passion and his life. He had retired after 30 years as a music professor at the University of Florida, his music had taken him all over the world and he was highly esteemed for his talent and his caring for his family, students and friends. Please PRAY especially for Debbie that she will find comfort and peace in all the memories of their life together and in all those who care and love her.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles” II Corinthians 1:3,4a.

In February we are taking off for 2 weeks on our annual trip to Florida. This time will be very different without Art there. In celebration of his life there will be a memorial musical tribute for him – something we are sure he would really like as a remembrance of him. We will also take some time to visit and stay with friends in Ocala and Bradenton. Please PRAY for safety and good weather driving there and back. This time of year weather can cause some undesirable driving conditions.

Rolf will leave to go back to China soon after we return from Florida, probably the next week. Exciting things have been happening there. God has been moving and stirring hearts! Rolf has 3 more lessons in his “Faith or Fiction” class and all 6 of those students have accepted Christ and are going to church with him. Fourteen more students from the classes he teaches for the school are seeking and or curious and also attending church. From that 14, four have already signed up for the next “Faith or Fiction” class. PRAY for protection for Rolf, and that God continues to move and we follow His lead.

We are humbled, grateful and thankful how God provides through his people. We couldn’t do it without you behind us and with us! You are loved and appreciated!!


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